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Regulations of Candle & Related Products

  Detailed introduction:

       Candles have been gradually transformed from the traditional lighting tools to a good helper for creating atmosphere. With the improvement of people's living standards, candles and related products sales are getting higher and higher, but the safety accidents caused by it gradually increased, COBO can help you provide the following testing services for candles and related products.



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Fire safety

ASTM F2417

Flame height,stability, secondary ignition, end of useful life, etc.

EN 15493

Flame height, stability, secondary  ignition, behavior by self-extinguishing at the end of the burning process,  etc.

Warning labelling

ASTM F2058

Present options,  size requirements, etc.

EN 15494

Safety information,  layout of a product safety label, etc.

Sooting property

ASTM F2326

Visible emissions

EN 15426

The average soot  index

Flammability hazard  or fracture, etc. in candle accessories

ASTM F2179

Thermal shock and  annealing test of glass container

ASTM F2601

Flammability,  stability, burning test with relative candles, etc.

French  Decree 91-1175

Ignition of candle  holder and decorative components

Chemical  requirements

16 CFR  1500.17 (a) (13)

Lead in cored wick

16 CFR 1303

Lead content in  surface coating


Cadmium content in  plastic and coating, etc.

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