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Regulations of Eyewear Product

  Detailed introduction:

Eyewear includes a wide range of products, such as a variety of vision correction glasses, goggles, sunglasses, swimming goggles and so on. Eyewear as a tool for protecting eyes and beauty decorations are increasingly being applied to the daily life, entertainment and workplace of modern people. Nowadays, the glasses market has the corresponding quality and safety requirements norms, COBO professional testing technology team can help your products to meet the different target market quality and security requirements.

Type of Product





Major Testing Items


EN ISO 12312-1

ANSI Z80.3

QB 2457

AS/NZS 1067

Transmittance,  Resistance to Radiation, Scattered Light, Optical Power, Nickel Release,  Reflectance, Ignition and Robustness etc.

Single Vision  Ready-to-Wear Spectacles

EN 14139

ANSI Z80.31


AS/NZS ISO 16034

Dimensional  Tolerance, Resistance to Perspiration, Nickel Release, Optical Power,  Mechanical Strength, Structure and Resistance to Ignition etc.

Swimming Goggles

BS 5883


QB/T 4734


Impact Strength,  Compressive Strength of Eye Cup, Configuration of Water Seal, Resistance to  Slipping of Head Strap, Adhesion of Eye Seal to Eye Cup etc.

Safety Spectacles

EN 166

EN 167

EN 168


GB 14866

AS 1337.1

AS 1337.6

Field of View,  Optical Power, Luminous Transmittance, Quality of Material and Surface, High  Velocity Impact, Protection against droplets and splashes of liquids etc.

Ophthalmic Lenses

EN ISO 8990-1

EN ISO 8990-2

EN ISO 8990-3

EN ISO 8990-4

EN ISO 14889

ANSI Z80.1

GB 10810.1

GB 10810.2

GB 10810.3

QB 2506

AS 2228.1

Tolerances on the  FocalPower of Lenses, Tolerances on Optical Centration and Prismatic power,  Luminous Transmission, Resistance to Radiation, Mean Reflectance, Mechanical  Strength,Flammability etc.

Spectacle Frame

    EN ISO 12870

ANSI Z80.5

GB/T 14214

AS NZS 2228.2

Dimensional Tolerance,  Mechanical Strength, Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperature,  Resistance to Ignition, Resistance to Perspiration, Coating Adhesion, Nickel  Release, Salt Spray Test etc.

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