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GuangDong COBO Testing Institute(COBO) is located in the beautiful songshan lake high-tech industrial development zone, as a professional third-party technical service institutions, consumer goods inspection COBO is China's conformity assessment (CNAS) national approval committee approved laboratory, Brazil, the United States consumer product safety commission (INMETRO) approved laboratory approved laboratory (the CPSC).COBO's test reports are mutually recognized among members of the international laboratory accreditation cooperation (ILAC) and the Asian and Pacific laboratory accreditation cooperation (APLAC).

With professional and high-quality technical team, adhering to the service tenet of "fair, scientific, trustworthy and efficient", COBO closely follows the environmental protection and safety requirements of products in major markets around the world. COBO provide toys and children's products, shoes and leather, clothing and textiles, jewelry and accessories, food contact materials, electrical and electronic, light industrial products, such as inspection services, our team of experts dedicated to help you find the product design defect and evaluating the suitability, identify the production of material errors, by providing professional quality and safety compliance solutions, the products are exported to all over the world for you. With professional service and technology, COBO has won the trust of many retailers, brands and traders at home and abroad.

In 2018, COBO inspection and research institute was approved by INMETRO of Brazil and became a large and powerful INMETRO accredited laboratory in China. Committed to South American countries export products safety testing escort.

COBO was approved by China national accreditation committee for conformity assessment (CNAS) in 2018.

COBO institute was approved by the us consumer safety commission (CPSC) in 2018.

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