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Stationery and school supplies

  Detailed introduction:

Stationery products are necessary products for consumers, especially for students in their daily life and work.Stationery mainly refers to pencils, crayons, ballpoint pens, pigments, watercolor pens, glue, rubber, hardware office appliances, paper and other office stationery.In recent years, Chinese stationery enterprises often face export barriers and anti-dumping policies.On April 1, 2008, China fully implemented the "general requirements for the safety of student supplies" national standard, which stipulates the safety requirements and instructions for the use of all kinds of stationery products used by juvenile students


• maximum amount of transferable elements in oil painting sticks, pigments and other products

• benzene content of organic solvent in modified products

• limit value of harmful substances in adhesive

• formaldehyde content in fabrics and accessories used in schoolbags and pencil bags

• dye used in student supplies

• brightness (whiteness)

• pen caps are safe

• sharp edges, tips...

Under the strict market environment, how should Chinese stationery enterprises deal with it?COBO may provide relevant testing services in accordance with the following regulations.

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